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Plants can add great appeal to homes – they can make the space look fresh and inviting. However, if you’re trying to sell your home, your choice in plants and their position within your space may, believe it or not, push the less plant-minded potential homebuyers out the door. At the same time, if selected and positioned carefully, plants can take your space to the next level! So here is your guide to tasteful greenery or the do’s and don’ts of home horticulture.

  1. Don’t overdo it: While you might be a huge plant enthusiast, sometimes enthusiasm needs to be curbed. Potential homebuyers need to be able to view your space, and this necessary visibility may be compromised if there are plants absolutely everywhere. In short, you don’t want your home to look like Poison Ivy’s greenhouse. Less is more!
  2. Buy a “Statement Plant”: If possible and if your space allows, purchase a plant that makes a statement, like a tall cactus or an exotic tropical plant.
  3. Make sure your “Showstopper” is front and centre: Place that statement plant in one of the focal spaces of your home such as your living room or even your master bedroom. The potential homebuyers will do a walkthrough of the whole home, but the key spaces need to look especially inviting.
  4. Grow herbs: Who says kitchens can’t have plants? Grow herbs in a little pot by your window – not only will they add some green to your kitchen, but they also serve a culinary purpose!
  5. Embrace “tranquil” plants: Put plants associated with relaxation and tranquility in your bathrooms. Plants like orchids, for example, will evoke a zen and spa vibe.  With the proper light, they will thrive due to the steam and humidity from showers and/or baths!
  6. Keep your plants alive: Remember to water your plants and keep them in a space that receives suitable sunlight. Not so good at remembering to water? Maybe cacti are most suited to you.

When your home is shown to potential homebuyers, it should give reflect an inviting and welcoming environment. Plants can definitely help you achieve that end. Their natural aesthetic beauty are a plus, but they have health benefits beyond.  Indoor plants have been proven to lower stress and anxiety.  Common varieties have specific qualities—Boston Ferns improve humidity, Philodendrons purify air and remove formaldehyde, a Peace Lily can remove mold.  So use robust, healthy plants with confidence.  Remember, however, that too much of a good thing can overwhelm and detract, so make sure homebuyers touring your home aren’t tripping over your statement plant or can’t get see the flooring or gorgeous windows of the house amidst a jungle!  Like any decorating accessory, edit your plants to achieve that perfect sense of green!

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