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When it comes to real estate, you need a solid marketing plan in order to create maximum exposure for your property. However, the exposure will only translate into traffic if the product you are marketing is presented perfectly. You need to be able to create a “wow factor” and encourage buyers to come view your home. If you can’t get them through the door, they won’t be buying your home.

It’s no secret that the majority of buyers start their home shopping online. In addition, 98% of buyers who searched for a home online said that photos were among the most useful features of real estate websites. This is a huge statistic that cannot be ignored. Once the buyers have inputted their search criteria, such as: location, price, style, etc., they move on to the list of homes that is populated for them. At this point in their search, there are only a couple things that separate the list of homes from each other. These are: price, property features, and visual presentation. This is where you need to catch the buyer’s attention and make a strong impression so they feel compelled to come view your home.

Photos are a lot more effective at creating an impression than text, no matter how well the text is written. Buyers are too busy these days to waste their time driving to properties that don’t interest them. This is another reason why they rely heavily on what they see online.

Unless you’re an excellent photographer, don’t attempt to photograph your home yourself. These photos are vital to the sale of your home. Hiring a professional photographer is well worth the time and money. In fact, many real estate agents hire professional photographers as part of their marketing plan, I know I do. It’s important for sellers to evaluate the quality of the photos that an agent typically posts with listings before even hiring someone to sell their home.

What makes high quality photos?

Good lighting, the right angles, de-cluttered rooms, size of room, and overall resolution of the image. Even just upgrading your light bulbs to a higher wattage to bring more light into the room can have a powerful effect. It makes a difference!

Sure, sometimes buyers will come into a property and be disappointed because they feel the property looked better online than in person. But that’s ok; you want them to at least make it through your door so you have the opportunity to impress. The right buyer will love both online and in-person showings.

Writer Bio : I’m Andrew Hopgood, a Realtor at Sutton Group – Select Realty. I enjoy writing articles that educate my clients on the many aspects of real estate in London, ON. By educating my clients I can empower them to make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling their next home, thus leading to a satisfying experience. I enjoy spending time with my family and within the community by actively helping with various charities and my son’s sports teams. You can view more articles on my website at:

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