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Buying or selling your home is probably the biggest financial commitment you will make in your life. Therefore it is crucial that you pick the REALTOR® that will best suit your needs. The majority of the time, people choose a REALTOR® solely from recommendation, and while recommendations are usually a good solution, they may not be the best fit given your specific scenario.

Here are some tips to help you find that perfect REALTOR® for your needs, because making the right choice will save you time, money, and make the real estate transaction as smooth as possible for you.


Don’t hire a friend (at least right away):

  • It is simple to just hire a friend. One, because it is hassle free at the start, and it is hard to tell a friend “No”.
  • After the early stages though, frustration may develop and you may feel uncomfortable revealing personal finances with friends. Sometimes it is best to keep business and pleasure separate.

Do your homework:

  • Examine potential REALTORS®. Many specialize in specific areas of the city and choosing an agent with expertise in your area is highly beneficial.

Time and Experience:

  • There are a vast number of REALTORS® to choose from, but only one or two may be right for you. Filtering through them can be challenging, but one way to sort through the masses is to evaluate time and expertise. Looks for an experienced REALTOR® can be advantageous as they bring the expertise that comes from many years in the business.  However, if a REALTOR® is overly busy, he or she may not have more than the minimum time to invest in your particular transaction.  One cannot therefore eliminate younger or less experienced REALTORS® who may often bring energy, innovation, and determination to the table.  With an eagerness to succeed and time to devote to each client, one can expect very close and personal attention.  At Sutton – Select, all new REALTORS® also participate in a year-long supplementary training program that provides them with specialized tools and strategies to excel in today’s marketplace.

Tech Savvy:

  • We are in the age of social media, and there are many marketing tools and platforms that support the real estate environment.   Not all REALTORS® have embraced these resources. Finding a REALTOR® who utilizes strategies and solutions that will attract the right buyers for your home and who will use every possible means to find your dream property is crucial.

Personal Fit

  • There is a good likelihood that you and your REALTOR® will be communicating daily for days, weeks, maybe months depending on the circumstances. Therefore it is critical that you find a REALTOR® that compliments you and your interests. The best REALTORS® will be a very in tune with your needs and desires, and this is what you should look for.

At Sutton – Select we have over 125 REALTORS® ready to assist you with your buying and selling needs. We believe our REALTORS® provide the best service the city has to offer, and many who specialize in specific markets. If you are unsure on what REALTOR® is right for you, we are happy to assist you. Please fill out this quick form below, and within 48 hours we will find you your perfect match.

Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed with Real Estate lingo? Or maybe you just want to polish up your terminology. Here is a glossary of frequent words you may here during your Real Estate transaction.

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