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bigstock-Luxury-Home-Living-Room-2870990There is the old saying “never judge a book by its cover”, but when it comes to selling your home that first impression is crucial. If you can’t get potential buyers to walk through the front door, your house more than likely isn’t going to sell. While price, location, accessibility, and resources nearby are all big factors when people are looking to purchase their new home, there is also a major emotional investment. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in your home, and showcasing your home the right way can enable this process. Therefore we have provided a few steps to get the offers rolling in on your recently listed home:


First things first: you need to get the potential buyers to walk into your home and having an attractive exterior can definitely reel them in.  Do not underestimate the value of “curb appeal”!

  • Maintain an attractive garden.  The space should be neatly manicured and weed free.  Overgrown and unruly plants should be removed.
  • Seasonal flowers can add a welcome splash of colour.  Plants these in the garden or consider urns as a way to enhance your entrance or front porch.
  • Keep your lawn freshly cut and edged.  With pesticide by-laws, consider the use of natural remedies to control weeds.  Don’t have a wild jungle out there!
  • Remove any debris, tired lawn ornaments, and children’s bikes and toys that may be cluttering your property.
  • Do some touch-up painting as required.  Nothing says “welcome” like an attractive front door!


  • Just like the outside, be sure to touch up the paint on the inside
  • Clean appliances (fridge, stove, etc.)
  • Fix any squeaks in doors.
  • Tighten any loose handles
  • Check lights bulbs and see if any need to be replaced


  • Clean your countertops and mirrors
  • Make your windows, doors, and walls shine
  • Tidy and freshen up your bathrooms
  • Organize your closets
  • Banish clutter in every room, hallways, basements, and garages
  • Aim to make your place appear uncrowded and spacious.  Store any unneeded furniture and personal effects offsite if necessary.  Less is definitely more!
  • If you share your home with pets, be vigilant about cleaning their food dishes, litter, and pet hair.   You may have become accustomed to their odors and pet paraphernalia, but potential buyers may be deterred by their presence.

The nature of real estate means that your home is in competition with others on the market.  Statistically, homes that reflect pride of ownership sell quicker and at a higher price point than those that are in disrepair and messy!  By following the tips above, your effort and hard work will be rewarded.  Make you home the “Select” showcase home, and you will be on your way to a achieving a favourable sale and moving on to your new place of residence!

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