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Social Media: Quick Tips For Realtors

This is the first post of a four post series. The topics being covered are going to cover firstly some quick tips, followed by scheduling posts, and the final two posts will discuss photo & video on social media.

Now, before I get any further, I need to give you a heads up. These post are geared towards those who already have social media accounts. I am assuming that those of you who do have some basic knowledge or maybe you are a pro, and this will be completely boring (I think I may have one or two points though that you can grab from this series ;).

Okay, so let’s get into it then. Let’s start with this first post on Quick Tips.

(All of these are tailored towards Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

1. You Need To Be Active.

This may seem blatantly obvious, but its very VERY true. If you don’t plan on posting on Twitter and Facebook daily (Instagram is okay every couple days), than you should just retire from reading this and delete your accounts, because they are most likely not going to be impactful, you’re probably not going to gain a following, and most importantly, you’re probably not going to get new clients and leads if you’re not active. So rule number: one post, post, post. ALL THE TIME.

Aim for:

3-5 Twitter updates a day

1-3 Facebook posts a day

2-10 Instagram posts a week.

Of course exceeding this numbers is always welcomed.

2. Don’t Bleed The Feed

Now, I know some of you may get all gung ho about posting multiple updates a day, but do not bleed the feed.  I myself and really anyone else does not care to get bombarded by 5 posts by just you in the span of 2 minutes. Take a deep breath, and space out your ideas. As much as I may love reading what you have to say, I’d prefer to have the option of seeing what everyone else is up to as well.

3. Diversify your content

As a realtor your job, is to promote your listings, get people aware of them, inform them of open houses, and of course, sell that sucker! However,  to put it bluntly, the vast majority of the time, no one cares (I know it hurts, but its true). Chances are, I’m not buying houses daily, not even weekly or monthly – maybe only 2 or 3 times in my life. Therefore, if you want me to follow you, you need to be sharing more than just the fact that you’re doing your job. I’m sure if you were following a mechanic at say Jiffy Lube, you wouldn’t want to hear about how he did another oil change every 30 minutes.

Now don’t get me wrong, you need to promote those listings, and don’t stop sharing them. I would just like you to be aware of  your diversity level, and I would say at the maximum only 50% of your posts should be about your listings. The rest? Well, that’s up to you. Get creative – focus on a niche topic (which can be in real estate) or maybe just about your life, thoughts, opinions, or good old London, Ontario. Just get creative 🙂

4.Use #Hashtags

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all embrace hashtags, so start using them! They are an awesome way to filter out all the junk and let people discover your incredible tweets! For example if on my timeline John Doe tweeted something with #LdnOnt, I can click on that and see all the people tweeting about #LdnOnt. So for example, if as a realtor you used use #RealEstate for one of your beloved listing tweets, and if I happen to be scrolling through tweets involving #RealEstate…Voila! I have discovered you and your great new listing.

Now for a few tips on these #Hashtags.

– Try and stick to 3 or less. This filter thing may make you want to load up the hashtags, but less is more. Be precise (and you only have a 140 characters on Twitter so don’t waste them all on hashtags!).

#RealEstate and #LdnOnt are both ones that can be very useful for realtors (In London, Ontario), but being creative and branding yourself also is important. For example…

#OurDifferenceIsAttitude is using the #SuttonSelect slogan and creates some authentic branding.

– Another example: My name is Alex, so if I were a realtor, maybe I would use #APlusService (maybe a bit cocky, I know, but it’s creating a brand for myself, and I’m coming up with these on the fly so cut me some slack!).

These are just 4 quick and easy tips. There are plenty more, but only so much can be written on one blog post before you begin to get tired of reading it!

I know most of you have a question in mind after reading this post. You are probably thinking to yourselves, “All of this stuff I’d love to try, but I simply don’t have the time to be that active on Social Media. How do you ever expect me to stay focused on Real Estate and be some Social Media guru?”.

The answer awaits you in the next post (granted if you are still up for some more reading).

DISCLOSURE: In no way will using Social Media guarantee you to be a more successful realtor, or any type of career for that matter, but with that being said, it may be very beneficial to you.

Part 2 – Social Media: Scheduling Posts

Part 3 – Social Media: Photo Apps

Part 4 – Social Media: Video

Writer Bio : Growing up in a real estate environment and with a marketing major, Alex has a unique skill set that he applies to the development and implementation of marketing strategies to propel Sutton-Select ahead of the competition.

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