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Social Media: Using Photo Apps for Real Estate

There are hundreds of apps that you could potentially use for sharing photos on social media, but I personally haven’t used all of them (I’ve used lots though). I am, however, going to share some of my favorites.

Firstly, I want to start off by saying that I highly recommend you take advantage of your smartphone with these apps, because it will give you more authenticity, it will allow people to connect with you on a more personal level, and people are generally more interested in posts that involve pictures or video (especially ones that look good).

DISCLOSURE: I’m assuming you have Instagram, and I am not going to explain the apps in depth, but I will provide a quick one-sentence description of each.




This app is great for combining multiple pictures into one. Example: Exterior shot of new listing and then the kitchen and bedroom.




Great for cropping, adjusting and adding some cool filters to your picture.





Another awesome photo editing app. Allows you to step away from the basic out of camera look.



An Amazing app that allows you to put cool fonts and text over your images.




For adding a more “artsy” look to your image.

There are many other apps as mentioned previously (such as VSCOcam) that are awesome, but I think the one’s above are the best for realtors in my personal opinion.

Now you are probably thinking, “Okay great! I have some awesome apps, but what do I take pictures of?”

The answer:


  • –       Take a picture of your listing
  • –       Take a selfie infront of your listing (people love selfies)
  • –       Happy clients in front of the their new home (with your sold sign in the background ;))
  • –       The London Knights Game
  • –       Your adorable new baby
  • –       Your cute cat

The options are endless and very effective. People will begin to feel they know you better and in turn, will trust you more as the feel more connected, and maybe, just maybe they will want you as there realtor!

Now for the best part: Instagram. It allows you to share your posts to apps such as Facebook and Twitter simultaneously so take advantage of that. Take a selfie of you at your next open house and hit your Facebook, twitter, and instagram at the same time.


And don’t forget your hashtags! Especially on Instagram! They will help you get discovered! A creative caption always helps too.

Now onto the final post – Video

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Writer Bio : Growing up in a real estate environment and with a marketing major, Alex has a unique skill set that he applies to the development and implementation of marketing strategies to propel Sutton-Select ahead of the competition.

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