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Social Media: Using Video

The truth is, video marketing (as in having professional videos done) can be very costly and from an economical stand point, it doesn’t make much sense. Videos can cost anywhere from $300-$2000 depending on quality, and that is a large amount to invest in all your listings. However, on that million dollar listing, it may be something to consider. However, you should keep in mind that today’s post is all about making some great videos the DIY free way (meaning free!).

Once again, just as in the previous post on Photo apps, there are many video apps, but I am only going to touch upon my two favourite DIY apps – Instagram and Hyperlapse (both the same company, but different purposes).



Their video feature allows you to make a 15 second video that can be one continuous clip or a mixture of clips. All you do is hold the record button in the app until the 15 seconds is up. Or you can hold and then release, find a new shot, and hold again. This is an awesome way to get a quick 15 second video of your new listing.


  • Shot 1 – Exterior shot of house
  • Shot 2- You walking into living room
  • Shot 3- The Kitchen
  • Shot 4- The Hot tub
  • Shot 5- You talking to the camera about the house or stating the price.

This is just simply to give you a quick idea. Of course, please get creative and artsy if you wish like taking a nice close up of the water flowing out of the kitchen sink. Whatever you can come up with could work!

The point is, this is an awesome solution to show off a new listing, or for one final example clients, to show clients inking in the deal.

  • Shot 1- pen writing
  • Shot 2- couple laughing
  • Shot 3 – couple in front of house
  • Shot 4- Your sold sign.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


images (1)

Hyperlapse put simply is creating a video at warp speed. I think this app could really take off as a very, VERY quick alternative to a virtual tour. Now, I will use an example to explain the functionality.

Example: You Want to show off your new listing

Start outside at the front of the house and start recording the front of the house standing still for about 15 seconds. Then, proceed to walk to the front door and into the house. Walk through the house, while continuing to record, showing off everything inside you want people to see.

Now when you’re done, you’ll probably have anywhere form a 1min-5min video. Now comes the hyperlapse where you ramp up the speed of the video, and all of a sudden, you have a 15 second fly through of the whole house and can quickly show it off in another unique way.

Introducing Hyperlapse from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

Just as with the pictures, videos in instagram can be shared across Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Once again, you can show off your video everywhere at once, and people would way rather watch a video than read some text! So try it out!


These are just options/alternatives and not the end all be all. There are many other ways you can incorporate video, as mentioned earlier, using a professional in videography. You can also create flashy slideshows as well.

Note on the slideshow’s or using your own video equipment: Make sure it’s done decently well especially when recording audio. Don’t use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker and their generic templates. Videos can easily become cheap looking and that paired with poor audio can create a cheap vibe that may negate the image you want to put forward about your various listings. That being said, iMovie can also create some awesome stuff all by DIY. Just make sure you know the right way to go about it, so don’t forget to ask for help if need be!

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Writer Bio : Growing up in a real estate environment and with a marketing major, Alex has a unique skill set that he applies to the development and implementation of marketing strategies to propel Sutton-Select ahead of the competition.

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