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Social Media: Using Video

The truth is, video marketing (as in having professional videos done) can be very costly and from an economical stand point, it doesn’t make much sense. Videos can cost anywhere from 300-2000 depending on quality, and that is a large amount to invest in all your listings. However, on that million dollar listing, it may be something to consider. However, you should keep in mind that today’s post is all about making some great videos the DIY free way (meaning free!).

Once again, just as in the previous post on Photo apps, there are many video apps, but I am only going to touch upon my two favourite DIY apps – Instagram and Hyperlapse (both the same company, but different purposes).

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Social Media: Scheduling Posts

Post numéro deux. Maybe you are already coming back for more, maybe this is the first post your reading, and maybe after this, you’ll never want to read another post of mine again. But that’s all for you to find out in this post’s topic on scheduling social media posts.

Carrying over from the previous post in the series, social media can be a lot of work. It is, infact, a full-time job for many people, and your first job as realtor is understandably and obviously real estate. Social media is just a part of your marketing tactic. Thankfully, some wonderful people have realized this and have provided us with excellent solutions to setup posts now to be shared in the future.

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You should attend because it’s flat out awesome! For myself personally, it is the event I look forward to the most. I mean the other festivals such as SunFest, Home County, Foodfest, etc, are all good fun, but the atmosphere during Ribfest is quite special. Then again, I could just be biased due to my affection for ribs. Nonetheless, even if you don’t want to devour some of the best ribs around, or if you’re a vegan, and it obviously doesn’t fit your meal plan, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the weekend in the park. You can sit back, relax, and have a beer or a glass of wine while enjoying a variety of musical performances. There is also the option of consuming non-rib foods that do a better job of matching your meal regime. Lastly, it’s just a great evening activity to do this weekend with family and friends whilst relishing downtown London.

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The long weekend begins in a few hours for most of us, and for some of you the long weekend may have already begun. Regardless, it is time to enjoy some time with family and friends, as well as celebrate the birth of this remarkable country we live in.

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The down payment is so critical in the real estate transaction. Your down payment is the number which dictates what your price range will be when looking for your new home. Before I go any further, if you only take one thing out of this post. Remember this: “The greater the down payment, the greater the savings”.

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