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The Day You Move in is the Day the Gardener Moves Out!

garden-design-ideas-home-interior-design-home-interior-design-1024x685An inviting garden has implications for both buyers and sellers.  A poorly tended, tired landscape means potential buyers may drive straight on by.  Conversely, an extensive and elaborate paradise may illicit a fear factor in purchasers!

Buyers attracted to a lovely and meticulously tended property must remember that the day they move in is the day the gardener moves out.  Be prepared to take on the tasks yourself or have the resources to hire out the maintenance to a landscape contractor.

A simple but attractive low-maintenance garden is often the best starting point for new homeowners or non-gardeners.  If the fancy and inclination strikes, you can add and enhance the existing landscape over time.  Gardening is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies!   If you are not so inclined, just keep to the basics:  weed-free gardens and lawns, neatly edged flower beds and borders, and be sure to prune or remove any plant material that is overgrown or unruly.

Potted plants add instant curb appeal and colour and can be changed easily and inexpensively to reflect the season.  Container gardens are also suitable for condo entranceways or balconies.  Green is always in style, and there are planters and designs that compliment all manner of architecture.  Traditional or contemporary, an inviting green space will attract buyers and enhance a home’s sales rating.  An investment in landscaping can easily add 10 to 12 percent to a property’s value.

April is the month we celebrate Earth Day—tend your personal plot of God’s creation!  It may be good for your real estate but perhaps more importantly, you will be improving air quality for yourself and your neighbours and will also reap health benefits physically and psychologically by surrounding yourself with green space!  And if you get really bit by the gardening bug, you will likely extend your efforts to edible plants.  Yummmmmm!


Writer Bio : As a co-founder of Sutton- Select, Karen has been a vital advisor since its inception. Her background in business and administrative studies and her past experience as a licensed salesperson enable her to provide insightful direction to the company’s operations.

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