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Having videos curated can have a multitude of advantages. It can help you sell your listing and it can help attract new clients. You can also provide educational videos proving your expertise, and you can do short -pieces on specific communities….According to an Australian Real Estate Group, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

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The Day You Move in is the Day the Gardener Moves Out!

A simple but attractive low-maintenance garden is often the best starting point for new homeowners or non-gardeners. If the fancy and inclination strikes, you can add and enhance the existing landscape over time. Gardening is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies! If you are not so inclined, just keep to the basics: weed-free gardens and lawns, neatly edged flower beds and borders, and be sure to prune or remove any plant material that is overgrown or unruly.

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Twenty-Something, Broke, and Trying to Start a LIFE

I believe the title says it all—and almost any person in their twenties can relate. Educated, trying to find a new job to launch their career and officially begin the game of LIFE. Thirty odd years ago many of us would be in a much more comfortable situation, but thanks to economies currentlyattempting to climb back from a recession (amongst other things), getting going with life just isn’t what it used to be

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