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September marks the time of year when we make the most significant changes in the way we live and work. Families and professionals alike are putting routines back in place and setting plans in motion. While we are busy vowing to clear out clutter, exercise more and cook healthy meals, take the time to set goals for success and balance in your professional life as well. Putting goals on paper is the first step, but a detailed plan for implementation and action is essential. As Tony Robbins often says, “Never leave the scene of a goal without first making a plan to achieve it”!

Many experts use the SMART acronym as a recipe for goal planning.

SMART goals are:


1. Set goals that are detailed and SPECIFIC, and not vague. Highly-defined goals will be attained, whereas vague ones are forgotten and fade away.
2. To be realistic, goals must be MEASURABLE. A number or quantity should be attached to the goal. Without a quantitative attribute, they will just be a pipe-dream!
3. Goals need to be ACHIEVABLE, but at the same time challenge you to levels above your current capacity. Push yourself beyond the status-quo!
4. Choose goals that are RELEVANT for the strengths, abilities, and resources you possess.
5. There should be a TIME factor associated with your goals, including short and long-term deadlines. If there is no end-date, it is unlikely that the target will ever be reached.

Rewards provide incentives to stay the course. If you are a real estate salesperson, you might consider bonuses that may have goal-related benefits, such as a new tablet, the purchase of an e-signature App or another gadget or gizmo that will propel your goals into reality.

Our lives are multi-faceted, and it follows that a balance must exist between business, personal, family, physical, academic and spiritual goals. It has been said that each of us needs to identify a broader and most difficult goal—our PURPOSE goal! When we have a goal or focus in life that is at the centre of our being, it will create momentum and fuel all other aspirations and dreams! So if you want to be BRILLIANT, and not just SMART, align your purpose or life goal with all your intentions and ambitions. Get your September shine on!

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